Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mushroom Risotto

Since it was chilly (-5 Degrees) I decided to make some warm comfort food.  Since it's been a while doing a risotto, I initially was going to make a chicken and mushroom risotto but settled on mushroom risotto.

 Got all my mis-en-place (Mushrooms, onions, rice, chicken stock, butter, and olive oil)

Heating up my 1400 ml of chicken stock

The food processor was a little over zealous in dicing the onions up

 Heating up my 1400 ml of chicken stock.

Added the the rice to the onions to brown and give it some flavor.  The mushrooms are also going into the pan now as I didn't want to have too much liquid before putting in the rice.

I initially added 1 cup of stock, then as the liquid was being absorbed while stirring I would add one ladle at a time.

The finished product, stirred in some fresh Parmesan reggiano to give it some kick.   BTW if anyone has any ideas for what to do with the rest of the 1Kg block of cheese please let me know.

1 comment:

  1. Nice! Love the step by step photos.
    Re cheese:

    You could make:
    a parsley, rapini or cilantro pesto
    Caesar salad
    Ask me for my shredded brussels sprouts w parm and pine nuts recipe

    Parm fondue--dip pears in it, they are in season and DELICIOUS

    Just dip chunks in balsamic vinegar and enjoy with a big glass of wine