Saturday, June 25, 2011

Lunch at Anducci's Italian Kitchen

On June 25, I went out for lunch on a lazy Saturday with a friend.  Since he was in the mood for pasta we decided to hit up Anducci's Italian Kitchen located on Cameron Street in Burnaby.  Having been there several times I figured it was a fairly safe bet for lunch.  Having frequented Anducci's over the past decade it was one of the spots that could compete with Anton's for having a decent tasting pasta in a large portion at a reasonable price.

I was quite surprised that there were only 2 other occupied tables when we entered at right around noon, the decor has not changed much and it is a fairly casual sort of place, it has been almost 2 years since I last visited.

After placing our orders the complimentary bread arrived, a cold bread sprinkled with Parmesan cheese sitting in balsamic vinegar and olive oil.  Personally my preference is a warm bread but this was not bad by any stretch of my imagination. Then again it is only bread.... 7/10

Shortly after the bread arrived our calamari that we ordered showed up, it is lightly seasoned (I think with a Cajun spice?) served with both a red pepper aioli and tzatziki sauces on the side. This dish left a lot to be desired.  The calamari was soggy and not crispy, rather disappointing when you consider that White Spot does a much better calamari with crunch, the portion size was rather small for the price as well.  5/10

My friend ordered a fettucini with the "Carnivore King " sauce which consists of meatballs, capicolla, Italian sausage all served in a creamy meat sauce, not sure what his thoughts are but he devoured the entire plate even though a dinner portion was ordered, not the you can't finish this that I remember.

Myself I ordered the meat-filled pasta server with the carbonara sauce, the pasta was cooked properly but I found the sauce rather uninteresting other than the heat from the capicolla.  The tortellini's were rather dry on the inside  and although filling was not very enjoyable.  This was also a dinner sized portion that failed to impress in quantity or quality. 7/10

All in all I was quite disappointed in the quality and quantity of this particular lunch and I would be hesitant of returning unless there was nothing else availible.

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