Sunday, August 14, 2011

Blueberry Cookies

Seeing as blueberry season is finally upon us today was most definitely a baking day.  After several trips to the Gourmet Warehouse to get items (more on that later) I finally got around to baking some cookies.  Having tried a cookie from Momofuku Milk Bar in New York (thank you Elaine) and by luck stumbling across one the cookie recipes I decided to give it a shot.

The cookie I would be attempting, and attempting being the key word is a blueberry cookie with milk crumbs, ok first question WTF are milk crumbs.....

 After doing a little bit of careful research and trips to Gourmet Warehouse on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (Thursday - quick trip during lunch, couldn't find what I wanted.  Friday - After work I bought a small spatula along with a Fat Daddios scoop, who measures things using only the diameter and not the capacity.... and Saturday to exchange said scoop for one that is slightly smaller and to buy some chocolate for some chocolate chip cookies that I may attempt next week.

The ingredient list for these cookies was quite extravagant, you have your usual suspects but also glucose and non- fat milk powder.  This was quite the complicated recipe as it had two stages

  1. Milk Crumbs
  2. Batter
Part 1 - Milk Crumbs

Supposedly what gives the wonderful chewyness of the Momofuku cookie is the milk crumbs, it provides a rich creamy texture and keeps the cookie moist.  Seems pretty straight forward time to go shop...

Problem #1 - Non- Fat Milk Powder, I searched Gourmet Warehouse, and Safeway and was about ready to give up until I went to Save on Foods, after asking people where this may reside I was sent hunting in the dairy aisle, the drink aisle, the baby food(WTF??) aisle before I finally found it next to the flour.

Problem #2 - Melted chocolate to be folded in, ok this one is all on me...  Because I didn't feel like cleaning up the double-boiler I put my chocolate into a glass bowl which then sat in the double-boiler thus becoming a triple-boiler.  (Note to self, glass is probably the worse conductor on earth for cooking).  The chocolate took forever to melt and I evaporated all the water in my pot.  Good thing I checked on it or I could have set the house on fire.
 Anyways, here are ingredients for the milk crumbs, milk powder, white chocolate, flour, butter, baking powder, and salt and sugar.

After mixing all the dried ingredients together and folding the melted butter in it gets spread on a pan and baked for about 10 minutes.

Following the baking the melted chocolate is folded in and you're ready to go.

Part 2 - Cookie batter

Below is a shot of all the wonderful things right before I threw them all into the mixer, note the "Glucose" substitution here by me with corn syrup that looks to be mainly glucose?  Other than that two kinds of sugar, salt, eggs, butter, flour, baking soda, baking powder dried blueberries, and the dreaded milk crumbs.

Please note my crappy baking sheets, the recipe produced enough batter for something like 40 cookies using a 2 tablespoon scoop, the Fat Daddios scoop is amazing, solid and everything is uniform. Here's where everything really went sideways.  I have 2 of those "President's choice" cookie sheets, 1 Wilton jelly roll pan, 1 baker's secret jelly roll pan, and 1 generic aluminum jelly roll pan.  Well let's just say the first batch that went in turned out the best. (All of those have been accounted for).  The 2nd and 3rd batches went in and that's when the chaos began.

The lower tray which was lined with parchment paper started to smoke and the bottom's of the cookies started to burn.  The recipe called for the pans to be rotated part way thru and I took the opportunity to switch the trays between racks.  Well that didn't work out very well.....  I had cookies that were under cooked and some that were overcooked. I have since ordered three 13x18 inch USA Pan jelly roll pans.

 Anyways here is the finished result, they look nice enough, but not what I was expecting.

Lessons learned

  • Need better bakeware
  • Until I figure out my oven, only 1 tray at a time.
  • I need fine salt, can't use course salt for baking
  • I think I will stick to chocolate chip cookies for now.

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