Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dimsum at Rainflower Restaurant (粵之醉海鮮酒家)in Richmond

This morning we decided to head down to Richmond to have some dimsum before dropping a relative off at the airport.  As we headed out fairly early we were not overly concerned that we would have trouble finding a table.  Richmond has an abundance of dimsum eateries and we generally make a habit of trying a different restaurant each time.

From the outside the restaurant looks kinda dingy and run down and being right by the Skytrain tracks the building is partially blocked by a pillar.

The first item that arrived from our order was shrimp paste in fish maw topped with roe, not really my cup of tea but from what I was told it was ok.

Har gow -  the prawn stuffed dumplings were very nice and tasty and quite appetizing.

Chicken feet in sauce - every time I see these I get flashbacks to the Aliens in War of the Worlds, scares the bejesus out of me every time I see them.

Don't remember what these are but they look like some kind of prawn dumpling with shark's fin on top.

Dan tat - egg custard pieces of yummy goodness, the only bad part was that the filling was almost boiling.  Burnt my tongue but was quite enjoyable none the less.

Shu Mai - the traditional compliment to the har gow, these are pork dumplings with mushrooms and bits of shrimp inside, they were only "ok" nothing to write home for.

Beef Balls - no not those "balls" but giant meat balls served with Worcestershire sauce served on the side, one of my favorite dishes.  These meat balls were juicy and were not stuffed with fillers.

Chinese doughnut stuffed with fish paste stuffed in a rice roll - This wasn't exactly what we expected but was decent enough served with both a peanut sauce and a sweet hoisin sauce.  It was quite nice.

Pork stuffed into deep fried pastry - One of my other personal favorites "mini footballs" as I like to call them, nice tasting just a little salty and not filled with anything other than pork and sauce.

Beef stuffed rice rolls - Dear wife and I normally order one plate each of this and it did not disappoint, very nice!

Deep fried prawn spring roll - I enjoyed these as they were stuffed with prawn meat and were not soggy, always make a point of ordering them.

Rice roll stuffed with Chinese doughnut topped with pork floss - Just like the beef stuffed rice roll earlier this is served with both the peanut and sweet sauces, the Chinese doughnut had lots of crunch to it and although it arrived near the end of our meal was very very good.

Zong - gluttonous rice stuffed with assorted filling steamed in a bamboo leaf, not something I enjoy eating but it was finished so I assume it was decent.

Overall I would rate Rainflower Restaurant as a 7.5/10 as the food was decent and the price for breakfast with some takeout for 3 people was about $100 so it was a little more than I wanted to spend as it was not as high end as say Kirin.  I would definitely visit again but not before trying other restaurants first.

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