Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cooking Keller - Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Wanting to test out my new USA Pans that I ordered, i leafed thru Thomas Keller's Ad-hoc at Home, and discovered the double chocolate chunk cookie recipe.  My traditional chocolate chip cookies are simply "chipit" based cookies. 

The chosen recipe calls upon a 55% sweet chocolate and a 70% sweet chocolate both of which I picked up from the Gourmet warehouse.

The very simple but precise recipe calls for chocolate, brown sugar, regular granulated sugar, chilled butter, eggs and flour.

After mixing, the cookies are laid out on a pan using a Fat Daddios scoop, misting the cookies with water just prior to baking results in a softer more chewy cookie.  Skip the water misting if you want a crunchier cookie.

After baking for 15 minutes with a flip of the pan part way thru here is the end result.

I would definitely rate these cookies as being successful as they were not overly sweet and the contrasting chocolate flavor was really amazing, I was very happy with the consistency of the baking on the new pans as nothing burned and everything was nicely browned.

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