Sunday, January 1, 2012

Dinner at Sonny's Real Pit Bar-B-Q

At the recommendation of my colleague for a restaurant to try in Fort Lauderdale, we were recommended Sonny's Real Pit Bar-B-Q which we were told was some of the best BBQ in Fort Lauderdale, the real kicker behind this restaurant is the never ending pit fire that I hear is never extinguished.  First impressions were a little dinner style place, it really looks like a BBQ place and smells like one as well.

Having no idea what to order we ordered a little bit of everything..

Check out the size of the softdrink.... Talk about bottomless, I didn't make it through the 1 drink.

This is the "Super Combo" that has a little bit of everything, the only change was we requested pulled pork instead of sliced pork.

Pulled pork (very tasty, moist didn't need any sauce) We requested this
as a substitute to sliced pork.

Skin on chicken (1/4 chicken as part of Helen's sampler, juicy not
overcooked very nice smoke flavor, skin wasn't soggy.  Probably some of the best chicken we have tried at a BBQ place

Corn (side) so sweet and tasty, they give you the whole cob, instead of skimping on it.

Cornbread took a bite from my wife, tasted like cornbread but I'm not a
huge cornbread guy.

Beef brisket - this was a little disappointing, it was very dry and not like what you would get at Memphis Blues, but I assume that the preparation style are just different.

The only concerns were the "mystery" meat that was underneath the chicken, it looked like what I can only presume was pulled chicken but wasn't really sure.

Mac and cheese, ( creamy cheesy goodness, would have liked it to be
finished in a salamander for some crunch but I'm guessing this is served
southern style.

I ordered the rib plate and it came with a combination of the baby back ribs and dry rub ribs.

Baby back ribs ( probably some of the best I've had anywhere, tasty
tender yet not mushy, very nice flavor and color excellent bark).

Dry rub ribs ( crappy compared to baby back but very nice on their own,
not tough but chewy and not overcooked excellent bark on them) adding
the sweet sauce to them gave it some moisture.

Mashed potatoes (side) southern style mash I guess? Bacon bits, garlic
some specks of stuff, wasn't awful but wasn't memorable. Granted my
sister in law tried to do this over Christmas and it was an epic

Garlic toast - standard fare.

All in all a very satisfying dinner, we were especially pleased with the two types of ribs and the BBQ chicken and pulled pork.  If we are in the area again, we would definitely visit again.

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