Friday, March 29, 2013

Hawaii Cruise Day 3 - Day at Sea

1 sea day town 3 more to go.....  The biggest fear of this particular itinerary was the 8 days at sea, four days to Hawaii and four days from Hawaii. Today I made an effort to get to the gym a little earlier, could you believe there was a lineup of about 25 people trying to get in at 7 am when gym opened?  By mid afternoon the seas started to pickup and at dinner tonight (which after the fiasco on day 1 we found ourselves some new friends to dine with) there were very few folks in the dinning room. My guess would be about 15 tables or so.

Lunch Menu

Crisp-Fried Calamari - Overly salty, ugh and chewy. Pubs have no problems putting together tasty calamari but yet a "5 star" dinning made to order can't? Probably the worst calamari I have ever had. 3/10

Mexican Albondigas Soup - "Watered down taco seasoning" would be the best way to phrase this, the meatball was ground up hamburger and a piece of gristle that had to be chucked. 3/10

Parmesan Chicken and French Fries - Nicely cooked, the pan drippings did not seem to suit the dish very well.  Would have preferred "Beef dip" type sauce for this.   A little heavy for a lunch entree but nothing else seemed interesting. 7/10

Dinner Menu

Fettuccine Alfredo - Got an appetizer sized portion and didn't realize it came without the cheese bowl.  It wasn't bad but not as creamy as it was in the past 6/10

French Onion Soup - Excellent flavour in the soup, cheese was gooey and yummy so good I had a 2nd bowl when I had another dinner.  My only complaint was the bread in the center was too large and was rather tough. 8/10

Grilled Medallions of Beef Tenderloin with Madeira Truffle Demi-Glace - Excellent cooking preparation and great flavour from the beef.  Cooked exactly to medium rare, could have used a little more seasoning but the demi-glace left much to be desired.  I dare to venture that the pan sauce from lunch was the base to whatever additional stuff they added for the steak sauce.  9/10

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