Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Happy 2013.... Hawaii Vacation - Cruise Day 1

It's been over a year since I last posted and wow how time flies.  With lots a lack of planning we booked a trip as Hawaii was on our bucket list of places we would like to visit and being only a couple of time zones away was reasonably accessible.

Some background.....

Hawaii has always been on our list of places we would like to visit, however we were unsure of which island we should visit first and after hearing great things from others who had done a Royal Caribbean  re-positioning cruise either to or from Vancouver to Honolulu we decided that a cruise would be the best way to have a "sampler" of Hawaii.  We decided on a round trip Los Angeles 14 Day Hawaiian Cruise primarily because it fit our schedule and I had a couple of vacation days I needed to burn before the end of March.

After a lengthy 2 hour 30 mins flight from YVR-LAX we got on a shuttle and made it to the World Cruise Center in San Pedro, California.  Compared to embarkation in Fort Lauderdale and Vancouver it seemed very chaotic (according to various people we spoke to they found that the boarding was more organized than normal).  Anyways onto the food !

Menus: (Was Lazy today so only a dessert menu ** Note** If you look back at my Panama Cruise day 1 you will notice the menus are almost identical)

Spring Rolls with Hoisin sauce - Very very tasty peanut sauce, skin was crispy and not oily at all.  However mine was "doughy" on the inside.  The best way to think of it was that the kitchen was in a rush and this wasn't cooked all the way thru.. not good at all and not a good start... 5.5/10

Melon Trio - Normally a very refreshing sort of teaser but for whatever reason this time around it wasn't.  There was some kind of syrup or sauce that overpowered the fruit.  My suspicion is that the fruit was not quite ripe enough as it was Day 1 and they drizzled some kind of syrup over top that overpowered whatever flavour there was in the fruit.  4.5/10

Piña Colada Soup - Very very strong taste of coconut in the soup.  Overpowering in fact, others who enjoy coconut may enjoy this more than me. The soup had a very chunky consistency to it as well.  5/10

Prime Rib - A slightly different take on the embarkation Let's feed you till to you drop dinner dinner, First time I have seen corn on the cob and a baked potato served along side.  The corn was rather soft and mushy but the potato was fluffy, the tomato was not memorable at all and was an afterthought. The prime rib was cooked nicely to order and the portion was much too big.for human consumption. 7.5/10 because of the poor corn and tomato, otherwise it would have been a solid 8.

Some sort of fish? Served with a potato pancake and bamboo shoots....  A very strange dish just didn't work. 6.5/10

Sugar- Free Mango Cheesecake - Soft and soggy, not much in the way of mango flavour, although it was very light. 5/10

Not a great start to our cruise and to top it off our server was rather inattentive to our table (filling of water, and what nots) and to top it off when I was surprised that we were going to miss the early showing that night the comment returned was "you should come earlier", which was rather unusual as service has often been exceptional and we had Early Seating Traditional dinning as our dinner time.

Onto tomorrow

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