Monday, January 16, 2012

Day 16 of Vacation - Cruise Day 13, Landfall Dinner

Our last dinner of the cruise :(  It's been a fun and long two weeks lots of tasty meals and a few not so tasty meals as well.  The Landfall dinner menu looked somewhat interesting.

Philadelphia Pepper Pot Soup, Chili Dust – This was quite awful, tasted like something out of a can and my bowl had several chunks of solid fat, I am not sure what they were supposed to be but this soup was pretty awful. 20/100

Shrimp Cocktail – It was pretty bland, as the shrimp were simply boiled. 65/100

Mariner Style Black Mussels in White Wine Sauce – The mussels were overcooked and lacking in mussel flavor, the white wine sauce was watery and lacking in flavor, the presentation was very nice but it was lacing on the taste side. 25/100

Grilled New York Cut Strip Steak with Green Peppercorn Sauce – This was perhaps the best steak on the cruise, the meat was well seasoned and had flavor all on its own.  The meat was cooked properly and the only minor complaint was the fries were soggy. 90/100

Apple Pie – Was really good, could have used a little cinnamon and if the apple filling had a touch of lemon. 82/100

Ice Cream Bombe “Diplomate” – the “Baked Alaska” was rather nice tasting, and on plate presentation was very nice.  The layers of ice cream were not even but did not need to be as the chocolate flavor was very strong. The meringue was nicely browned and the sugar was mixed in properly. 85/100

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