Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 10 of Vacation - Cruise Day 7, French & Mediterranean Dinner

Ah yes finally, the dinner with escargot and frog legs.  On Celebrity escargots are on the everyday menu however on Princess they are not.

Escargots Bourguignon Glazed with Garlic-Herb Butter – “Very Good”, they were not rubbery and the seasoning was done right. 100/100

Fruit Kebabs with Lavender Honey Cream – Fresh pieces of fruit, the cream was not very sweet and looked like a yogurt, nothing really special. 70/100

French Onion Soup – The soup was too salty for my liking, I would have preferred if the soup had spent an additional 5 minutes under the salamander as the cheese needed some more browning and crisping.  The crouton was as expected and the flavors were generally pleasant otherwise. 75/100

Sautéed Provencal-Style Frogs Legs with Tomato and Garlic Sauce – They were cooked perfectly as portion wise they were rather small and rather sensitive to overcooking, they were still juicy and the sauce complimented the frog legs. “if you are a hungry person you may need to order this twice”  93/100

Cordon-Bleu Style Veal Scaloppine with Swiss Cheese – Very disappointing, disclaimer, I am not a veal person, the veal was dry, the outer layer was soggy, and the cheese was not very tasty.  Very disappointing.  20/100

Raspberry Crème brulee – The sugar coating on top was generally hardened across the board, the crème brulee was decently flavored with raspberry compote underneath.  I enjoyed this desert.  80/100

Vanilla Profiteroles with Passion Fruit Sauce – The pastry was soggy, which made this quite miserable to eat 65/100

Chocolate Chip Mint Ice Cream – Very slight peppermint flavor, disappointing as peppermint is supposed to be a big bold flavor. The same gummy texture, it seems the ice cream could have spent more time in the machine. 45/100

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