Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day 8 of Vacation - Cruise Day 5 Panama Canal, Princess Dinner

After a long day of cruising the Panama Canal, we were looking forward to dinner.  Tonight's dinner was the Princess Dinner.

Fresh Mozzarella with vine-ripened tomato – Tomatoes were crisp and tasty and the mozzarella tasted just fine. 75/100

Big Island Pineapple with Strawberry-Coconut Relish – The pineapple was sufficiently sweet, personally I don’t like coconut very much and there could have been more strawberry sauce on the plate. 70/100

Potato Cream Soup with cured Italian Ham – Soup was almost puree like, the ham was cut in thin little strips, it was lacking bold flavors.  I would have preferred a chunky potato soup with rich bacon bits. 60/100

Chateaubriand of Beef Tenderloin “Bouquetiere” – The beef was once again cooked very nicely; the béarnaise sauce was the perfect compliment to the potatoes.  I wish I had more! 85/100

French Vanilla Soufflé – the soufflé was not deflated which was a plus, the vanilla sauce masked whatever taste the soufflé was supposed to have it self, soufflé’s for several hundred people is difficult to time and for a cruise soufflé it was quite reasonable. 70/100

Chocolate Panna Cotta – 

Peach Daiquiri Sorbet – The sorbet had a very slight peach flavor, I found the sorbets to be superior to the ice creams (Soft Serve excluded)

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