Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 3 of Vacation - Cruise Day 0 Embarkation in Fort Lauderdale

This is the "Sail away" dinner, I forgot about taking a shot of the menu (thankfully this didn't happen to often), this dinner is normally where the cruise line attempts to stuff you so full of food so you don't order 3 entrees for the next 2 weeks. (Reviews in red are Helen's)

Crab and Lobster Pate – It did not have an overwhelming seafood taste to it, inside there was crab and lobster inside amongst other things, it was “Ok” 75/100 Would order again.

Spring rolls with Hoisin sauce – A pair of vegetarian spring rolls lightly fried, with a sauce that was supposedly hoisin, it tasted more like a peanut sauce. It was crispy not soggy on the outside. 73/100 I would order it again.

Melon Trio – Watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew, fresh chilled fruit is always refreshing and this does not disappoint.  78/100 would order again.

Pork loin with apricot sauce – pork tenderloin covered with apricot sauce (which was lacking), the pork was drier than jerky and not enjoyable.  The applesauce was good though. 25/100 Would not order again.

Prime rib of beef – The typical beef entrĂ©e on embarkation night is the prime rib, generally it is a large cut, it was served with green beans and a tomato.  The beef itself was tender and juicy but not very well seasoned. The green beans were cooked properly but I didn’t care for the tomato. 70/100 On Embarkation night I would order this again however with other choices I probably wouldn’t.

Pasta of the day (sorry no dinner menu so I don’t remember) – shells cooked properly, didn’t care for the over cooked chicken or the lackluster sauce.  30/100 would not order again.

Hazelnut ice cream – Tasted like hazelnuts but I found the ice cream to be “gummy” and stringy 65/100 I enjoyed the flavor but not the texture, would not order this again.

Honeydew sorbet – Tasted like honeydew and had the properties of sorbet, 85/100 would order this again.

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