Monday, January 9, 2012

Day 9 of Vacation - Cruise Day 6 Fuerte Amador, Princess Dinner

Not a typo, a 2nd Princess dinner?  After the amazing chateaubriand I was looking forward to seeing how tonight would play out.

Hawaiian Fruit Cup with Macadamia Nuts – This received mixed reviews at our table as some found the nuts to be too small and thus distracting and getting stuck in teeth.  I loved the roasted flavor that was added by the nuts and enjoyed the contrast between fresh sweet fruit and the dry macadamia nuts. 80/100

Caesar Salad – The Caesar salad is on the everyday menu and thus available every night, in all regards it is really a pretty average salad with nothing really special or awful with it.  The salad loses points for poor presentation, unlike a lot of the other dishes where attention to detail is given it appears the salads are prepared ahead of time and left to sit.  I noticed that there was excess sauce that was not wiped off the edge of the plate.  I know it is knit picking but I felt the level of attention was lacking. 70/100

Nantucket Shrimp and Scallops Supper in Tomato Broth – Shrimp and scallops were cooked nicely and the garlic bread was superb, the tomato base was a little off, not sure. 85/100

North Carolina Pulled Pork with Lexington-Style Vinegar Sauce – Not very much fun eating this, the pork was quite soggy and lacking in flavor, did not enjoy this.  Compared to Sonny’s BBQ Pit (See January 2nd ) and Memphis Blues this is really substandard. 40/100

Nothing on the desert menu interested me so I skipped it.

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