Sunday, January 15, 2012

Day 15 of Vacation - Cruise Day 12, Captain's Gala Dinner

The final formal night and a sign we are reaching the end of our Panama Canal Transit Cruise, traditionally this is the lobster and steak dinner night where they try to really wow you.

Crab, Scallop, and Shrimp Salad – “It was good, it did not have an overpowering seafood taste, it tasted like real seafood instead of a canned product”88/100

Asparagus and Tomato with Italian Bacon – The asparagus was rather tough, but this was a very flavorful dish with the hollandaise and the bacon. 86/100

Ice-Cold Peach and Mango Smoothie with Dried Apricots - It was a mango smoothie… 80/100

Roasted Tomato Cream Soup, Brioche Crouton – A nice creamy tomato soup this was executed beautifully, very good seasoning I would order this again. 90/100

Broiled Lobster Tail and King Prawns – was not overcooked unlike the lobster from the Chef’s Table, it was very tasty with the drawn butter. The prawns were seasoned and cooked nicely. 85/100

Beef Tenderloin Wellington – The beef was once again cooked perfectly, the pastry was a little mushy due to sitting in the sauce, if the dish came out of the kitchen 5 minutes sooner the crust would be crusty. Considering this dish can go very wrong, I was rather happy with the outcome 80/100

Lemon Meringue Pie – A special request made earlier by another table in our general area, not part of the regular menu, we were surprised that this request was fulfilled. *Note: Upon visiting the Horizon Court Buffet later that night we saw lemon meringue pie up there, so very likely this special request was part of the pastry rotation at the buffet and several slices were delivered to the dining room.  The pie itself was quite sweet and the meringue topping still had crystalized sugar. 75/100

A group shot of our table of six, which made dinner one of most memorable things and the one thing on the cruise that we looked forward to every night !

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